The entirely subjective Albums of the decade list

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The entirely subjective Albums of the decade list Empty The entirely subjective Albums of the decade list

Post  Tom on Fri Dec 18, 2009 7:03 pm

Its the end of the decade and (far more importantly) i am dangerously bored. So i thought i'd make a list of my top 6 albums of the decade. There wont be any detailed analysis, as the days when i thought i could analyse music died years ago*, so i thought a short summary (a strong term, i'm sure you'll agree) and a youtube video or two could pass the time.

So without further ado here are my own albums of the decade. Feel free to post your own. Although because Paul (i.e.the other poster) doesn't listen to music from this decade that could be a struggle

Honourable Mentions

Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans\ Michigan: Very very nearly as good as illinoise.

Any Pearl Jam album from the decade (i think there have been 4) - I am still after all these years a grunge fan, i still love Pearl jam, but even i recognise that they haven't released anything great since No Code. They've been good, just not as good as they were once upon a time.

Forward Russia- Give me a wall: Not for the album, lord no. For the t-shirts. They were a craze that really should've never gone out of style. I want another one.

So in no particular order, here are my albums of the decade

Sufjan Stevens - Here comes the Illinoise
Whatever happened to the 50 States project? no-one ever thought that he would stick to it, but i expected more than 2 states to be covered before he suffered his apparent existential crisis personally i would've loved to hear one about utah, but alas it was not to be. Anyway I know very little about Illinois and ii wouldn't know anything if it wasn't for this album. Is that a good thing... possibly. Hell i still dont know what they hell they celebrate on Casimir Pulaski Day

White Stripes - White Blood Cells
Ahhh the first PROPER album you own. (no, i dont count Robbie Williams) It always holds a place of pride in your collection. This album is undoubtedly the best that Jack white has ever made and the first one where he didn't resort to using old Delta blues covers to fill an album, which is actually kind of a shame. Most importantly however, this was before everyone noticed that Meg White was a really bad drummer... I mean Ringo bad. Oh linkage

Beck - Sea Change
The fact that i dont hold Beck's religious beliefs against him is amazing. Usually I think all Scientologists are lunatics (see Cruise, Tom) and Beck is, but he a more loveable lunatic. This is his sad acoustic album. A jarring change of pace from his other albums (which i'm also a fan of... mainly) and the biggest surprise is how well he manages to pull it off. I think that lost cause is probably the song of decade. Dont agree? Sue me.

Arcade Fire - Funeral
One thing that this decade has killed (or at least mortally wounded) is the concept of an album as a whole body of work. I blame MP3's.. and Tom Cruise. Now if an album has a coherent theme it is labelled a Rock Opera (God i hate you Green Day), which just plain sucks. This isnt Opera, its a good old fashioned album. It's consistently emotional, it manages to be both depressing and uplifting at the same time. Frankly its brilliant. I'm going to stop with the links. You all should own this album anyway.

Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever ago
I refuse to believe the story that has seemingly transcended time and space and catapulted this album into everyone's hearts. There was no log cabin. I demand receipts and... other things, hell show me the cabin. Every review i've read of this album begins with an explanation of its beautiful\bullshit back story. Well i don't believe you mr Vernon and its also completely irrelevant. He could've written this whilst eating ice cream in his underwear and it wouldn't change anything. A truly Astounding piece of work. Even the continual use of this album in every American Tv show cant diminish it. And it should.

Sigor Ros - ()
One day i'll learn hopelandic... one day. That's all i'm going to say about this album. They gave us no words, so i wont waste mine. That's going to sound bitter but its not, it's proof that truly great music doesn't necessarily need lyrics as a hook. Better Yaaaaaah than "are we human or we dancer".

I was going to do 10 but I became bored of writing. This means that you have gotten long tired of reading, If you haven't stopped entirely. If you have good for you. Fight the power... or the rambling fool.

*Also looking back at my earlier posts, it seems i couldn't write a coherent sentence as little as 18 months ago. Maybe i cant now, who knows? (or cares...)

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The entirely subjective Albums of the decade list Empty Re: The entirely subjective Albums of the decade list

Post  Christophe on Sat Dec 19, 2009 3:30 pm

I will give this some thought when I can be bothered to give this some thought, but my initial response is a hearty head-nod to both Funeral and Illinois(e). Plus one that doesn't even need any thought, for me, is Kid A.

I'd also like to stand up in defence of poor neglected Ringo. Obviously he wasn't the best songwriter in the Beatles, but to say that he was a poor drummer at all, let alone a drummer of Meg White standards is, well, harsh. This, for instance, is basically a Ringo song: