Who should we vote for in the coming elections?

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Who should we vote for in the coming elections? Empty Who should we vote for in the coming elections?

Post  Paulio on Thu Jan 14, 2010 5:46 am

I was wondering what your thoughts were on who we should vote for? I was thinking of maybe making a list of pros and cons about each party as I've still no idea who I'm going to vote for.

So I shall kick this off with a couple of cons each.


  • Cameron comes across like a used car sales man.
  • Unbelievably still haven't come up with a new policy all year (at least not that I've heard)
  • Seem pretty corrupt

  • Are slowly eroding our civil liberties and are unable to put anyone sane in the home office.
  • Seem pretty corrupt
  • Have been in power too long.
Liberal Democrats:

  • Wasted vote conundrum?
  • Any truth in the claim they aren't currently capable of being an effective government?
  • The fact that I'm struggling to think of anything particularly bad about them as they don't get much press suggests maybe there are hidden evils I don't know of.

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Who should we vote for in the coming elections? Empty Re: Who should we vote for in the coming elections?

Post  Tom on Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:55 am

ooh i like this cons business

1. They have a wheezing grandfather clock instead of a leader.
2. Ridiculous amount of in-fighting between Blairites and the Brownikins.
3. Inevitably defeat?

1. The lack of policies make them seem like a repeat of New Labour, the difference being the overuse of the word "change" instead of "new".
2. Boris Johnson
3. David Cameron doesn't strike me as used cars salesman. He strikes me as more incompetent than that. Blair was a used cars salesman, a talented one who could sell water to the ocean. Cameron strikes me as a lucky bastard, who is in the right place at the right time.

Liberal Democrats
1. The leader is around 12 years old
2. Always finish 3rd. A throwaway vote.
3. Paul is right.. No other negatives but i bet that there isn't many positives either.

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