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Post  Grainy on Sun Jan 27, 2008 10:53 am

Once upon a time there was a forum. That forum resided upon a shoddily-made
but somewhat amusing website, Our Distaste For You Is Immeasurable, a tool
for some people to complain about stuff, essentially. Said forum was a
short-lived diversion used primarily for bullying people and mocking those
who weren't there to defend themselves. It was great. Unfortunately, only
Ferg thought so, and the creators of the site were too lazy to maintain it.
So we didn't.

BUT THEN! For no discernable reason whatsoever, the aforementioned creators,
instilled with renewed vigour and accompanied by new, equally-pedantic
bastards, decided to reinvent the site. It wasn't very good. But it had a
forum. This time, said forum was used largely for Kieran to argue with Tom
and for people to be unceremoniously set on fire by Alex Davidson, who was
then mocked for these pyromanical antics. It was a worthwhile diversion from
the everyday drudgery of the post-16 room, and the joyful memories of
posting a sarcastic comment on a forum to someone who was already sat next
to you is something that still brings a warm fuzzy feeling to roughly

BUT THEN! Chris got bored of procrastinating and basically wants to tell you
that me and Paul have revived ye olde forume as a way of avoiding doing real
work. It's actually far more logical nowadays as well, seeing as some of us
don't really speak to each other all that often. Y'see?

So for the first time in our existence we created something that was truly worthwhile, and was the keystone of our lives.

Amodicumofhate.eamped.com was a year of ranting, all of which merged into the general direction of Tony, polls of the weeks, which again tended to go in the direction of Tony, and most of all, plain old tomfoolery.

But then something happened with the weather that made everything fuck up with our beloved forum, and the bastards at eamped have lost a year of inane twittering, and Tony bashing.

So now we move on, to pastures new, as we give you amodicumofhate.forumotion.com, welcome to a new fully revamped, new look HATE BUCKET!

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Post  Paulio on Wed Jan 30, 2008 5:19 pm

Happy Birthday Forum!

I hate you!

Love Paul cheers


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